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Imagine a visitor entering your building for the first time, the cleanliness of the floor is the first thing they will notice. Dull, stained, or worn flooring can detract from your building’s image no matter how much care you have put into the other elements of your facility. Even with new reception furniture, sparkling clean glass doors & windows, beautiful plants in the lobby, and improperly cared for floors will catch your visitor’s eye.
This is why you need to make sure your office is regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that your employees are happy, healthy, and productive, while also leaving a good first impression on business partners and potential customers. Proper floor cleaning has long term benefits. Tips and solutions can be found below.

Uses & Benefits:

Chemicals in cleaning products like laundry detergent can help these products to perform just as well in cold water as in hot water, enabling consumers to save money and energy when washing their clothes. In addition, highly concentrated liquid laundry formulations made possible by chemistry require less packaging materials and generate less waste.
Household cleaning products containing antibacterial cleaners not only remove dirt and soil, but they also can kill the germs that may cause illness.
Chlorinated cleaning products can help protect against seasonal flu outbreaks and episodes of food-borne illness. Daycare centers, hospitals, restaurants and other public facilities rely upon the disinfectant qualities of chlorine-based cleaners to keep the environment germ-free.
Cleaning solvents are also common cleaning products. For example, glycol ethers are highly effective as an active component of heavy-duty glass, floor and other hard surface cleaning formulations. These solvents have good water compatibility, high solvency for greases and oils and good biodegradability.

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