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The homemakers of today do not have time to wash clothes by hand. They have lots of other work to do.

Hence, you find fully automatic washing machines in almost every home. The advantage of using a fully automatic washing machine is that you do not have to worry much about your washing activities.

The machine takes care of every aspect of washing and rinsing.

If you use detergent powders, you must have noticed white-coloured deposits on your clothes, especially at the creases of your dark-coloured pants.

These deposits are nothing but residual detergent powder that does not dissolve completely into the water during the washing and rinsing process.

Therefore, you have to rewash such clothes. It happens because the detergent powders do not dissolve entirely and form soapsuds.

These soapsuds stick to the fibres and create a white-coloured layer on your clothes.

A liquid detergent would be better as there is no question of the formation of any deposit on the clothes.

Secondly, power detergents come with built-in bleach ingredients that can cause colours to fade.

Under such circumstances, liquid detergents are better because they are gentle on the clothes and remove stains effectively.

Some of the powder detergents are harsh on your delicate clothes. Therefore, liquid detergents are always preferable, as you get a laundry-type finish when you use liquid detergents instead of soap powders.

Advantages of using liquid detergents

  • Liquid detergents dissolve in water quickly as compared to powder detergents.
  • They do not form soapsuds or residue that stick to the clothes after the washing process.
  • Liquid detergents are best for silk and woolen clothes because you should never expose these fabrics to bleach.
  • Liquid detergents are ideal for fully automatic washing machines because it is gentler on your clothes as compared to powder detergents.
  • Liquid detergents do not have built-in bleach formula. Therefore, it is perfect for washing colored clothes.
  • Fully automatic machines have different washing programs. Liquid detergents are best suited for the purpose.
  • You can use liquid detergents on your clothes to remove tough stains before putting them through the wash cycle. It is handy when dealing with collars and sleeve cuffs.
  • Liquid detergents care useful with different washing cycles. Some machines come with hot water washing cycles. Liquid detergents dissolve in both hot and cold water.
  • When used correctly and in the perfect proportion, liquid detergents can save you money.

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