6 Reasons Why YAKS Group’s MLM Holiday voucher is Must have product in MLM

The tourism industry is growing exponentially in India as well as all across the globe. Every Indian family like to to go on a vacation at least once in a year. Nowadays, vacations are being basic lifestyle in India and now you can provide it easier for your MLM consumer.

YAKS group is providing MLM holiday vouchers since 6 years. Having a client base of more than a thousand.

MLM holiday vouchers are becoming an integral part of the MLM industry and there are lots of successful MLM companies who have touched the sky's success with holiday vouchers.

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Reasons why MLM holiday voucher is must-have product:

1. Low Investment

Holiday vouchers are available in a bulk and why case group provides at a very nominal cost. You will easily have 70% to 80% margin in your MLM packages. People will have higher distribution company have higher margins in the product.

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2. Instantly Available to Customers

MLM holiday vouchers can be provided digitally. If you have developed your MLM software with the YAKS group then we will definitely integrate it with your system and if you have developed your MLM software with someone else then we will help you to integrate digitally.

3. Easily accessible

Your MLM consumer doesn’t need to go anywhere for their holiday. All the processes will be under their fingertips. We will provide you free of cost online booking website for your consumer. These easy accessibility will increase your sales and consumer satisfaction.

4. GST Saver

This is very interesting. Holiday voucher will have 5% GST slab in billing. So instead of ping 18% of GST for most of the product, you will end up paying 5% GST. 13% net profit.

5. Suitable to Latest Market

Is as we have discussed earlier holiday vouchers are the latest trend in the market and the actual requirement of the consumer. So if you are providing something that is actually required will be sold more.

6. Wide Range

YAKS group provides 100 + international and domestic destinations as a tourist location. So your consumer will not be bound by destinations.

How we can help

If if you don’t have an MLM holiday voucher as your MLM product then let us know. We will guide you in a proper way that how you can add holiday vouchers, what will be the good pricing for MLM package and etc.

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