Overview of MLM Single Leg

MLM Single leg plan is also known as Monoline plan. As name suggests Single leg or Monoline means all the new networker are joined in single leg only. Nowadays, this is one of most popular MLM plan among the MLM owners as well as MLM leaders. Beauty of this plan is Networker doesn’t need to maintain any power or leg. People can earn infinite. Networker growth will be simultaneous to company growth.

Networker need to make sure with timing, because timing is the biggest factor in single leg MLM plan. As plan suggest it is first come first basis. Those who will join initially will earn more.

Already joined user gets a chance to earn from new user which can be referral of any Networker. That’s reason Moniline plan is more popular amongs the MLM plans

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What is Re-birth or Re-joining in Single leg MLM plan?

When Networker achieve specific condition then their Re-joining with the same details happens in the single leg. Like when networker will have 100 member in down with 2 directs they will earn Re-brith or Re-joining in single leg. Networker can earn same amount in Re-birth also.

Types of incomes in Single Leg Plan

Sponsor/Direct Income

Sponsor or Direct income is income earned by referring someone in the system. For every direct referral, Networker gets paid by Sponsor income. Normally Sponsor/Direct income is Fixed amount of percentage of the package amount. In MLM Board plan companies have condition of compulsory Sponsors to keep network going.

Level/Member completion Income

Single leg plan offers intriguing income which is level or specific member completion. Like if you will have 50 member under you in single leg you will earn X amount or they say 50 member completion level 1 then they can earn while completing level 1. In the same manner MLM Companies offer multiple levels.

Pair Matching Income

Pair matching has two different ratios, first 1:1 till infinite depth and second 2:1 or 1:2 till infinite depth. Even 1:1 type can have tail single leg which means first matching will be 1:2 or 2:1 and afterwards 1:1 till infinite depth. Networker can earn Pair matching income as his/her tree grows. MLM company’s define Pair matching like fixed amount of percentage of Package amount.

Reward Income

MLM companies offer rewards of number of directs of number of pairs matched. Basic funda of Rewards income is to keep active Networker in MLM business.

Royalty Income

Royalty income can be offered in many ways. Most common way is sharing percentage turn over of company with the person if he/she achieve specific condition. MLM company’s stare 1% to 10% as Royalty income for Networker.


Advantages of MLM Single Leg

Great Earning

Single Leg MLM plan offers great earning for the Networker. They will have all the joinings as downline who are joining after him/her.

Easy to Understand

When you explain any MLM Single leg company’s plan to someone it will not take more than 5 minutes. It’s so easy to explain and so easy to understand.

When the payments are transferred in MLM Single Leg Plan?

Normally, MLM companies transfer payments Daily or Weekly or Monthly Basis. Even many companies provide option of user withdrawal, so user can withdrawal whenever he/she want.

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