Overview of MLM Crowd Funding Plan

MLM Crowd funding is type of MLM helping or Donation plan but with structured Matrix. In crowd funding company defines the matrix Networker need to follow. 2X2 and 3X3 are popular matrix for the MLM crowd funding plan. Networker need to do PH first to get GH.

MLM Helping plan is popular in Indian Region.

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What is PH & GH in MLM Helping Plan?
PH = Pay Help
GH = Get Help

What is Activation Key or Activation Pin Crowd Funding Plan?
Crowd funding company don’t have specific packages like other MLM plans. They have Activation key which is roughly 20% to 25% of help amount. Networker can activate their ID with activation Key or Activation Pin. After activation they can start helping

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Types of incomes in MLM Crowd Funding Plan

Sponsor/Direct Income

Sponsor or Direct income is income earned by referring someone in the system. For every direct referral, Networker gets paid by Sponsor income. Normally Sponsor/Direct income is Fixed amount of percentage of the package amount. In MLM Crowd Funding plan companies have condition of compulsory Sponsors equal to their width of Matrix.

Helping Income

Company offers almost double to triple help. If someone has done X help then he/she will get 2X to 3X help as per the matrix.

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